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Welcome to Kretzschmar Antriebstechnik!

As specialists in propulsion technology we work with you to find the optimum individual drive solutions. In doing so we attach great importance to high product quality, prompt implementation and detailed technical consulting.

We are able to offer a wide range of the latest technology products in the power range from 15 Watt to 750 kW.

Our key strength, embodying 50 years of experience, lies in the capability of customising and adapting those various drive solutions in the design and development of control cabinets and the setting-up of complete machines.

With your co-operation, and being fully aware of your requirements, we analyse all components of the application on site. We monitor your drive solution throughout the project right up to production stage and offer on-going consultancy to ensure optimization of the final product. 

We attach the highest importance to the quality of our products. The production of each motor is based on its basic form which enables design/build enhancements to accommodate your specific requirements; where appropriate this includes optimization of materials and parts for production.

Each motor is subjected to the tight documented control of our quality testing process and this is applied not only to the basic design/build but also, essentially, to the aforementioned enhancements.