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Since October 2006 Kretzschmar took over the representation of SR Drive Manufacturing Ltd. located in Harrogate (GB) for Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Swiss and Luxembourg. 

This web-site contains an insight into SR Drive® systems by describing the fundamentals of its technology; it also lists a few of the hundreds of applications which have benefited from their use since entering the market in 1980.

The performance and construction of an SR motor, which is arguably the simplest controllable electrical machine on earth, belies its controllability and exceptional performance. How it is asked can this be achieved with a dc motor that is brushless and magnet-free? The answer lies not only in the inherent switched reluctance technology but essentially in the engineering development work by SR Drives Ltd. which equates to an investment in excess of 300 man-years spanning more than two decades.

Following some of the main benefits of SR motors:

1.) High efficiency over a wide control range: 
A minimum of rotor losses and low switching losses in the controller create high overall system efficiency over an extreme wide control range. This is due to the fact that SR motors, unlike standard ac-motors, are not designed and optimized to a fixed synchronous speed. 

2.) High torque at low currents:
Due to the high efficiency and the minimum losses of an SR motor it can, as general rule, produce a higher power (torque) to weight relation as standard ac- or dc-motors. This can be most beneficial in instances of cramped mounting conditions.

3.) Unlimited overload performance: 
Due to the low rotor losses extremely high starting torque is realizable. This permits a virtually unlimited capability of prolonged operation in the stall condition and for repeated starts intervals under full load.

4.) Constructional advantages:
The simple construction of the magnet-free, brushless SR Motor enables integration with the driven machine easier than with more conventional motor. An additional advantage is the minimal amount of heat emanating from its “cold” rotor which has a positive effect on the lifetime of the bearings.

About SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd.

SRD Fallstudie einer ökologischen Antriebslösung

SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd. (SRDML) was established in 1999 to meet an ever increasing demand for industrial SR Drives® systems which hitherto had been manufactured by third parties under licence from SR Drives Ltd. which was founded in 1980. 

SR Drives Ltd. holds the largest patent portfolio in the world for switched reluctance technology and it is made available to SRDML along with design and engineering expertise.
Here you can get directly to the website of SRDML.

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