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Counter Current Swimming System SWIMEO

The SWIMEO counter-current swimming system from SIREM is the result of several years of successful development. SIREM has been one of the leading companies for underwater drive solutions for safety pool covers for many years.
In connection with the COVEO series, SIREM has built up extensive KNOW-HOW in this segment. 

    SIREM counter-current swimming systems have a high-quality design, are easy to operate and are characterised by a very compact construction. 
    Discover the joy of swimming as you would in the great outdoors. With SWIMEO you get a completely new swimming experience in your pool. 
    Due to the 4-stage regulation in connection with your distance to the system, Swimeo optimally adapts to your level, your wishes and your swimming style. A strong, even flow for a sporty, ambitious swim or a gentle flow for relaxed swimming and learning (swimming, rehab, wellness...). The wide outflow nozzle makes it easy to swim in front of the unit.  

    SWIMEO is available in two versions.

    The built-in version of SWIMEO is primarily intended for pool builders who want to integrate a counter-current swimming turbine into their portfolio and for customers who are planning to build their pool.

    SWIMEO SPORT is intended for customers who already have a pool. Thanks to its small dimensions (only 35 cm deep), SWIMEO Sport can be perfectly integrated into almost any pool.

    Here you can watch our latest Video

    Technical data:  

    • Volume flow: approx. 300 m3/h max.
    • Output speed : 3 m/s > 10m/h
    • Speed after 3 m: 1 m/s > 3.6 km/h
    • Rated power: 1.100 watts
    • Power supply: 230 volts / 50 Hz (mains supply) 
    • Power consumption control unit: 6 A 
    • Drive voltage: 30 VDC / 36 A
    • 4-stage power control
    • Operating conditions: 5 °C to 40 °C 
    • Installation depth: approx. 0.12 m below water surface 
    • Protection class: IP68
    • Controller mounted in the technical room between 5 and 20 m away from the swimming pool
    • Controllable via smartphone App incl. trainee programm
    • Optional control via piezo button or remote control 
    Product                                                                                                                        PDF-Download
    SWIMEO presentation
    SWIMEO Installation and user manual