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Special gear motors

We produce and combine for you our dc and ac motors with all variations of gears. One of our strengths is the special adaptation of drive units to meet your demand. We also manufacture submersible gear motors for locks and suction dredgers for sand and grit. For further details don’t hesitate to contact us.


Helical gear motors

Sirem gear motors are used world wide. In the field of actuators for milk tanks Sirem is world marked leader. Sirem gear motors are used next to many other applications for gates, sliding and segment doors and highly frequented garage doors.

Due to the high efficiency Sirem helical gear motors are reversible in case of a power failure. So it is possible to open the door by pushing with the hands. This is already a demand by law in some countries. The types N and P which are available with encoder and / or brake on request are most popular for those applications.   


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Sirem gear motor catalogue